The Life-Quality Pill: How to add years to your life and life to your years

Now here’s a Pill with a difference. It’s one you don’t have to take–it’s nil-by-mouth. And even if you’re not pnigophobic, you’ll love it. Adding years to your life and life to your years has never been easier.



Trendsetters. 5 BIG changes baby-boomers will bring to life

Today’s Baby-Boomers are Trendsetters.

  • they transformed the snack, restaurant, and supermarket industries;
  • they transformed the fashion industry;
  • they transformed the auto industry;
  • they transformed sex roles and practices;
  • they transformed the workplace;
  • they transformed relationships and the institution of the family;
  • they transformed the debt market;
  • they transformed healthcare;
  • they transformed technology;
  • they transformed the investment marketplace; and
  • they continue to set new trends affecting everyday life.

If you’re selling to this influential group, you can’t afford not to know as much as possible about these trendsetters.


Stop acting your age!

Our parents did the best they could with what they knew at the time. But the one thing they got wrong was when they told us, ‘Act your age’.

This presentation will tell you why we should ignore this advice.


Turn back the clock on ageing

Time is a human construct, so we can do with it what we like. One of those things is to be able to turn back the clock. It’s easy to do when you take Neil’s advice.


Now I’m 64!

It seems like only yesterday (Oops!) that the Beatles sang about When I’m 64–64 seemed SUCH a long way-off, back then. In the BLINK! of an eye, there are only two remaining members of the group and Paul and Ringo would love to be 64 again. Neil is 64 and can tell you what it’s like and what life has to offer him and others who are entering this next-phase.


There’s more to living longer than exercise and muesli

Fitness and Food are important ingredients to living a longer, better life. But they represent only part of what’s necessary. There are other considerations such as Friendship, Future, and Finances. These 5Fs will certainly add years to your life and life to your years. Here’s your chance to find-out the all-important how-to information.


The Speed of Life. Blink and you’ll miss it

It seems like in the blink of an eye, we go from feeling bulletproof to being aware of our vulnerability. We’re all participants in the ageing process. Neil tells how can we make the most of our participation.


Just Do It! Eliminating the knowing-doing gap

When it comes to living a longer, better life, most people know what to do. The challenge is to do it. Reducing or eliminating this gap between knowing what to do and doing it the main focus of this presentation.


Retire Retirement

After a short time, retirees soon awaken from the dream of playing golf several times-a-week or going fishing every day. The move is towards retiring retirement in favour of changing the way one works and views that activity. This presentation tells how to go about this change.


Live Longer, Better

2000 years ago, Seneca observed that one is never so old that one does not hope to live another day. Living longer, however, does not necessarily mean living better. Seneca went on to say that it would be a waste of time if adding years to our lives is not matched by adding life to those years. Neil will tell how to do this.


The Death-Defier Drug: How to die young, as late as possible

You’d expect a Doc to develop a drug that can improve longevity and life-quality. Not only has Dr Neil satisfied your expectation but also developed a drug that you don’t have to take like other drugs. And the results are life-enhancing.