Dr Neil Flanagan is not alone. In the blink of an eye, he too has gone from feeling bulletproof to being aware of his vulnerability. His focus has become how to live a longer, better life–to die young as late as possible.

Neil’s background is in business. The Management Bible is his current business-bestseller. Some of the world’s leading organizations have customized the book and called it their own. The Online Manager ( and the white-label version ( are also in use, internationally.

His drive-time radio program was syndicated nationally. He continues to contribute articles to media in Australia.

Despite the continuing success of his many business initiatives, Neil considers BLINK! The Speed of Life. How to add years to your life and life to your years as his best-yet. A free copy can be downloaded when you visit FREE STUFF, and while you’re there, check-out what else is on offer.

The good news is that Neil has developed a Life-Quality Pill. And pnigophobics love it because it’s a nil-by-mouth pill: you don’t have to take it–you just live it!.

Neil’s life-interests are the 3Rs–Rugby, Red wine, and Reaching 100+.