About Dr Neil Flanagan

MEET THE CHALLENGE–With a little help from ‘the Doc’

The desire to live a longer, better life is not new. Two thousand years ago, Seneca observed that everybody wanted to live longer, but went on to say that adding years to our lives without adding life to those years was a waste of time and energy.

Neil took-up the challenge in three main ways.

  1. He did what you’d expect of a Doctor. He developed a pill–the Life-Quality Pill. But that pill is different from all others. It’s nil-by-mouth: you don’t take it–you just live it!
  2. He researched, wrote, and published BLINK! The Speed of Life–How to add years to your life and life to your years. A free copy is yours to download, enjoy, and tell others about.
  3. He shares his life-enhancing information through inspirational keynote and conference presentations, and all forms of media.

We’re all participants in the ageing process. As Groucho Marx observed: ‘Anyone can get old, all you have to do is live long enough’. And George Burns said, ‘You can’t help getting older’. He insisted, however, ‘You don’t have to get old’. That’s the challenge!

Thanks to medical breakthroughs, life is immeasurably better than at any other time in history. More than two-thirds of people throughout history who made-it to sixty-five are alive today. But we have a long way to go. The quest for a longer, better life continues.

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Vini, Vidi, VISA.
I came, I saw, I shopped around.


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